Since my travels to Northern Ireland during the Troubles, I am fascinated by people and how they cope with conflict, poverty and injustice. So I went to the Zapatistas in Mexico, the Israeli’s in Hebron and Palestinians in Gaza and decided to use my creativity in trying to contribute to people and organizations who help these people in need. But before I sound to much like a ‘saint’, I’m not. I love to travel, meet people, be creative and love wandering the streets of places I don’t know. It is just a mix of what I like to do and what I think I need to do.

In 1997 I begun Frivista, a communication agency, with a focus on NGO’s. Struggling in the beginning, I did a lot of graphic design for several profit and non-profit organizations. After some years I won a pitch for ZOA refugee care. And it was then that my personal view on life and my professional creativity became one. In the past years I travelled to several countries for numerous NGO’s to interview, directing video’s and photograph their projects but above all: people. Beautiful people. I’ve made campaigns, annual reports, books, video’s and like to work from content to form.

I hope that this website is a reflection on that.

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